Doing wrong

Why do we fear? Why do we notice ourselves to take only short inhales while breathing? These are extremely difficult questions indeed.

Everyone is surely familiar to these kind scaring emotions. The Bible anyhow tells us very many times not to fear. The emotion scale of DOING WRONG on the SDG*Chart of Emotions may reveal some mysteries around this frightening emotion. You can read this scale to both directions – either from the middle to the south-western corner or from that corner to the hub.

When looking the scale in the first way, you can realize how fear appears to our life. It´s quite often that we or some others have done something wrong at first. You must also remember that many fears are created just in our own minds.

This time we concentrate to another way of dealing with fear. How to outgrow from our fears? I have heard that stronger emotion destroys the weaker one. So if you fear and respect God more than anything else you don´t have to be afraid at all.

The emotion scale of DOING WRONG consists of horror, fear and quilt.

Jesus has carried every of those emotions on the cross on behalf of us. So this emotion scale starting from the south-western corner leads us to a very deep inner peace. It is really possible if we are ready to repent and take the mercy what Jesus offers us.

In details the emotion scale of DOING WRONG goes as follows :

  • Phobia
  • Horror
  • Symptoms
  • Fear
  • Unbelief
  • Quilt
  • Repentance
  • Peace

You may recognize some of these emotions in your mind. Jesus can set you free from them. Prayer in the name of Jesus is extremely important in this process.

More detailed information of this item can be found on the following website telling about Dr. James Engel´s Chart. The diagram is situated somewhere in the middle of the page :

Let´s not fear.

 Anyhow, you are beloved.



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